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Magical Movies for Christmas
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1. The Three Kings [1987] [DVD]

A Christmas story about three inmates from a mental institution who believe they are The Three Wise Men of the Bible. They escape on camelback into the urban sprawl of Los Angeles in a whimsical search for the Christ child. A cult classic amongst US audiences this is one of the best feel good movies from the 80s.

Stars Lou Diamond Phillips.
The Spoilers [1955] [DVD]
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2. Stepping Out [1991] [DVD]

Liza Minnelli in a role that contains definite shades of Cabaret's Sally Bowles as a Broadway hoofer attempting to transform a bunch of near-hopeless amateurs into a crack dancing troupe. All stereotypes are firmly in place, including Julie Walters as a germ-obsessed housewife and Shelley Winters as the cantankerous pianist, who rolls her eyes at every missed step. What you expect is precisely what you get from Gilbert, but, despite its sheer obviousness, this has pockets of great fun.

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Precious Bane [1989] [DVD]
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3. The Man in the Santa Claus Suit [1979] [DVD]

The mysterious owner of a costume shop rents a Santa Claus suit to three very different men: a math teacher trying to get the nerve to propose, a homeless restauranteur trying to hide from the mob, and a harried political speech writer visiting with his estranged wife and son. Their lives are inexorably changed by their experience of playing Santa Claus.

Stars Fred Astaire.
The Man in the Santa Claus Suit [1979] [DVD]
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4. The Greatest Store in the World [1999] [DVD]

The perfect Christmas movie! Cult BBC produced TV movie. Geraldine and her two daughters, Livvie and Angeline, are living rough on the streets on London. When their van blows up, they must find an alternitive place to stay. At first, they live in temporary housing, but the conditions are unbearable. Geraldine reacts quickly and the family decides to take up residence in Scottley's, the best department store in London.

Stars Dirvla Kirwan and Brian Blessed.
The Greatest Store in the World [1999] [DVD]
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5. Quincy's Quest [1979] [DVD]

It's the night before Christmas, and all toy store rejects are due to be tossed into the furnace. This includes Quincy, a most lifelike doll. In a last ditch effort to save himself and his "unwanted" chums from incineration, Quincy goes on a long and perilous journey in search of the only one who can save them: Santa Claus.

Stars Tommy Steele and Patsy Kensit.
Quincey's Quest [1979] [DVD]
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6. Nadia [1984] [DVD] - Special Offer Price £9.95

A great movie for all the family, all year round, especially for a young lady into dance or gymnastics, this is truly inspiring movie. Leslie Weiner plays the part of the young Nadia Comaneci, discovered at the age of five by Bela Karolyi who scouted schools looking for young Romanian girls to form a new gymnastics club. With his guidance he takes Nadia to the 1976 Montreal Olympics where she becomes the first gymnast in history to score the perfect 10. The performances are brilliant in this originally made-for-tv movie which was made just after Nadia retired from the international spotlight.

Star Leslie Weiner.
Quincey's Quest [1979] [DVD]
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7. When The North Wind Blows [1974] [DVD]

This is a powerful adventure story set in the snow covered wilderness of Alaska about a trapper and his developing friendship with a hunted Siberian tiger. Rejecting the idea of returning to village life following a tragic shooting accident, the old man chooses instead to become the adoptive parent of the tiger's two cubs when the mother tragically is shot by hunters. a 70s classic.

Stars Dan Haggerty and Henry Brandon.
When The North Wind Blows 1974 DVD
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8. Frank, Liza & Sammy - The Ultimate Event [1989] [DVD]

This special was shown on television just before Sammy Davis, Jr. would die of cancer. This was recorded over a three night stay at the Fox Theatre in Detroit and was a part of the "Ultimate Event" tour, which featured the three legends doing a greatest hits type of package. The show opens with the stars flying in to Detroit. From this point we get Sammy's set first then followed by Liza and finally Sinatra comes out before the three are reunited for the encore.

Stars Frank Sinatra, Liza Minelli and Sammy Davis Jr.
Frank, Liza & Sammy The Ultimate Event [1989] [DVD]
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9. Back Home [1990] [DVD] - Special Offer Price £9.95

Dripping with Disney sentimentality, yet also benefiting from the studio's customarily impeccable production values, this TV movie will probably prove more popular with grandparents than youngsters. That's because it's set in the immediate postwar period when families were reunited and austerity was briefly forgotten. However young Hayley Carr has nothing to celebrate for, having spent the war in the States, she no longer feels she belongs in Blighty, especially as mother Hayley Mills is more preoccupied with her husband's homecoming. Decently played by a cast of familiar faces and directed by Scot Piers Haggard, this has the comforting sweetness of a good mint humbug.

Stars Hayley Mills and Hayley Carr.
Back Home Dvd
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10. The Little Match Girl [1987] [DVD]

The story opens on Christmas Eve as all of the residents of Fennel Street are given 24-hours' notice to vacate their apartments by a corrupt chief-of-police. Joe, the publisher of a small weekly newspaper, cannot believe that his father would have the nerve to illegally evict his innocent tenants on Christmas. He gathers the story, and begins to prepare a special edition. Of the pictures taken on Fennel Street, was one of the match girl warming herself with a match: this is going to be on the front page...
The Little Match Girl [1987][DVD]
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11. International Velvet [1978] [DVD]

International Velvet is the sequel to the much-loved 1945 classic National Velvet (below), in which Nanette Newman takes over the part of Velvet Brown, previously played by Elizabeth Taylor. The now grown-up heroine helps her rebellious niece to become an Olympic showjumper, with the help of handsome trainer Anthony Hopkins.

The perfect Christmas dvd for all horse lovers, get the tissues out!
International Velvet 1978 Dvd
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12. National Velvet [1945] [DVD]

In this adaptation of Enid Bagnold's novel, 12-year-old Elizabeth Taylor gives a star-making performance as the girl who dreams of racing her horse in the Grand National. The Yearling director Clarence Brown knows how to tug at the heartstrings and this film has become a classic, even though the story has to be taken with a large pinch of salt.

Winner of 2 Oscars.
National Velvet 1945 Dvd
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