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Mr Horatio Knibbles [1971] [DVD]

Lesley Roach (actor)
Gary Smith (actor)
Format: all-region dvd (worldwide)
Runtime: 60 min
Quality: CFF TV broadcast

Shades of Harvey! The principal character in this outstanding Children's Film Foundation caper is a six-foot rabbit that no one but a little girl can see. The nicely realised and well-scripted comedy that results strikes a fine balance between visual and verbal humour. In addition to the delightfully whimsical title character, there's also a thieving magpie, an airmail pigeon and a squirrel postman. Great for kids, and pretty good for mums and dads as well. In its own minor class, this is a gem.
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Mr Horatio Knibbles [1971] [DVD]
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