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The Man in Half Moon Street [1945] [DVD]

Nils Asther (actor)
Helen Walker (actor)

Format: all-region dvd (worldwide)
Runtime: 1h 32m
Quality: Good 4:3 b/w (16mm quality)
*Spoilers* - Nils Asther, unfamiliar to many, (as was Hurd Hatfield in "Picture of....") plays a man who has lived an unnaturally long life while remaining youthful (or so it appears). He must rely on an aged physician, well played by Reinhold Shunzel, for life prolonging treatments; however, the doctor is no longer able to assist Asther and other arrangements must be made. So begins a series of deaths through experimentation in an effort to keep Asther alive and youthful. Alas, time catches up with him and the last scene has him withering away before our eyes, utilizing fairly decent special effects considering the limited budget of the film. - imdb
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The Man in Half Moon Street [1945] [DVD]
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The Man in Half Moon Street
[1945] [DVD]
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