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The Girl Who Dared [1944] [DVD]

Lorna Gray (actor)
Peter Cookson (actor)

Format: all-region dvd
Runtime: 58m
Quality: Digital 4:3 (b/w)

A group of folks arrive at a country mansion for a party. The problem here is that the invitations were not sent by the home owner. The main leads are played by Lorna Gray, (Adrian Booth) Peter Cookson, Grant Withers, Veda Ann Borg, (playing twins) Kirk Alyn, John Hamilton and Willie Best. Bodies start to pile up and the people are of course all blaming each other. Arriving on the scene is Investigator Cookson. He is pursuing a big city Doctor who absconded with $60,000 worth of radium. He suspects that one of the guests is in league with said Doctor.
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The Girl Who Dared [1944] [DVD]
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The Girl Who Dared
[1944] [DVD]
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