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The Cruel Tower [1956] [DVD]

John Ericson (actor)
Mari Blanchard (actor)

Format: all-region dvd (worldwide)
Runtime: 1h19m
Quality: Excellent 4:3 b/w

This film is so over the top with corny dialogue and clichéd situations that you have to love it. Only McGraw at 5'10' could credibly play a character named 'Stretch'. Blanchard, whose character is aptly named, 'The Babe', evidently digs men risking their lives while hanging off of water towers and vying for her attentions. Add in a witches brew of jealousy, adultery, drunkenness and attempted murder along with Steve Brodie, Alan Hale Jr. and the usual suspects and you have one of the classic 1950's schlock dramas courtesy of that eminent low budget helmsman of "B" programmers and serials, Lew Landers. - imdb
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The Cruel Tower [1956] [DVD]
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The Cruel Tower
[1956] [DVD]
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