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Stepping Out [1991] [DVD]

Cast: Liza Minnelli (actor) , Julie Walters (actor)
Format: All-region Digital Dvd (w/s).
Runtime: 104 Minutes

Liza Minnelli in a role that contains definite shades of Cabaret's Sally Bowles as a Broadway hoofer attempting to transform a bunch of near-hopeless amateurs into a crack dancing troupe. All stereotypes are firmly in place, including Julie Walters as a germ-obsessed housewife and Shelley Winters as the cantankerous pianist, who rolls her eyes at every missed step. What you expect is precisely what you get from Gilbert, but, despite its sheer obviousness, this has pockets of great fun.

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Stepping Out [1991] [DVD] 9.95
Stepping Out (1991)
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