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Sexboat (Sex Boat) [1980] [DVD]

Kandi Barbour (actor)
Kelly Nichols (actor)

Format: all-region dvd (worldwide)
Runtime: 80 min
Quality: Excellent

Kandi Barbour, Kelly Nichols, Linda Reeves, Roxanne Potts, Jeanette James, Dana Dennis, Svetlana, Cody Nicole, Loni Sanders, Little Oral Annie, Kevin James, Randy West, Robert Lyon, Hillary Summers, Sylvia Moser, Svetlana, Camilla Franklin.

Two young men, Rosco and Speed, sneak aboard an all-female luxury liner. The ship caters to rich men who want to send their wives on a trip where they can't cheat on them. So, when the two horny stowaways are discovered by a couple of ladies, they hush it up and keep the dudes for themselves. They are eventually caught by the captain and placed in the brig. This take-off on The Love Boat is quite funny and the women are beautiful and the sex is lively. Particularly exciting are Cody Nicole as the ship's captain, Kelly Nichols, and Kandi Barbour. There's enough charm and erotic excitement to entertain just about everyone.
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Sexboat Sex Boat [1980] [DVD]
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