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Rogue Cop [1954] [DVD]

Robert Taylor (actor)
George Raft (actor)
Format: all-region dvd (worldwide)
Runtime: 92 min
Quality: Excellent

In this crime drama, Robert Taylor plays a cop on the take from the Mob, led by George Raft. But as this is an MGM film, Taylor can't really be the bad guy and so, following the murder of his brother and fellow cop, Taylor sees the error of his ways and goes after Raft and his murderous henchmen.

The script, by author of The Big Heat Sydney Boehm, is surprisingly keen to bump off major characters and is at its sharpest when dealing with Taylor's moral quagmire: is he avenging his brother, redeeming himself or on a suicide mission?

Director Roy Rowland maintains a sprint throughout and offers the usual barrage of film noir shadows and doomy ambience.

Plot Summary: Tough-talking corrupt policeman Robert Taylor vows to defy the crime lords who pay his bribes, mending his ways and setting out to track down his brother's killers. No-nonsense drama, with George Raft, Janet Leigh and Steve Forrest.
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Rogue Cop [1954] [DVD]
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