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Naked Alibi [1954] [DVD]

Sterling Hayden (actor)
Gloria Grahame (actor)
Format: all-region dvd (worldwide)
Runtime: 85 min
Quality: Very Good

After he is dismissed for harassing a suburban baker (Gene Barry) whom he's convinced is a violent killer, a senior cop Sterling Hayden continues to hunt his quarry. When he finds himself in trouble in a Mexican bordertown, he is helped by Barry's girlfriend Gloria Grahame.

Directed by Jerry Hopper, this mix of detective thriller, gangster movie and film noir starts promisingly enough but degenerates about a third of the way through as a result of a derivative screenplay and some unconvincing characterisation. Grahame, Hollywood's favourite put-upon moll, is terrific as usual, while the men are ok.
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Naked Alibi [1954] [DVD]
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