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Laugh it Off [1939] [DVD]

Johnny Downs (actor)
Constance Moore (actor)

Format: all-region dvd
Runtime: 1h03m
Quality: Very Good 4:3 b/w (from vhs)

One of the best of Universal's "quickie" musicals with Johnny Downs as the world's most inept lawyer who continually appears before Edgar Kennedy, an easily-frustrated Judge wearing the business end of a mop as a toupee. A retirement home for ladies is declared bankrupt and residents and former actresses Sylvia Swan, Tess Gibson, Lizzie Rockingham and Mary Carter decide to save the day by reopening a raided-closed casino owned by Barney "Gimpy" Cole as a night club. ~ imdb.
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Laugh it Off [1939] [DVD]
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Laugh it Off
[1939] [DVD]
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