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Julie [1956] [DVD]

Doris Day (actor)
Louis Jourdan (actor)
Format: all-region dvd (worldwide)
Runtime: 99 min
Quality: Digital

Doris Day suspects her husband Louis Jourdan is trying to kill her in this tense thriller. Director Andrew L Stone's speciality of filming dramas in real-life situations with authentic props is put to good use here, and he certainly whips up the suspense, even if the plot becomes rather implausible in places.

Doris Day is radiant and Jourdan very convincing as the baddie, while Hollywood regulars Barry Sullivan and Frank Lovejoy give perfectly weighted supporting performances. In the film's most memorable scene, Day has to land a plane with the help of ground crew, a sequence later copied for Airport 1975 and parodied in Airplane!
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 Julie [1956] [DVD]
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