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Indian Agent [1948] [DVD]

Tim Holt (actor)
Noah Beery (actor)
Format: all-region dvd (worldwide)
Runtime: 64 min
Quality: Excellent

In the early 1930s, Tom Keene was RKO's resident western star. By 1948, Keene had changed his name to Richard Powers, and had slipped unobtrusively into supporting roles. Back at RKO for Indian Agent, Keene/Powers plays a crooked government man who has been rerouting the Indian's food supplies to fatten his own bank account.

Racing to the rescue is Tim Holt, who forestalls an Indian uprising in order to bring the duplicitous agent to justice. Indian Agent also features a character performance by Noah Beery Jr. (usually cast as the bucolic best friend of the hero) as a proud Native American chief.
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Indian Agent [1948] dvd
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