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Hijack [1973] [DVD]

David Janssen (actor)
Keenan Wynn (actor)

Format: all-region dvd
Runtime: 1h14m
Quality: Very good 4:3 (TV movie)

Two truck drivers are hired to transport a top-secret cargo from New York to Houston. Along the way they must evade attempts by a terrorist group to hijack the material.

The story revolves around two truckers who are offered a substantial amount of money to take a big rig from Los Angeles to Houston, Texas. Along the way a group of individuals try to stop them anyway they can even if they have to kill them to do it. The acting by the two leads David Janssen and Keenan Wynn are quite good and keep the movie going along. I was surprised at how well some things that were handled, along with the photography and stunts. ~ imdb
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Hijack [1973] [DVD]
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[1973] [DVD]
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