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Gentle Giant [1967] [DVD]

Dennis Weaver (actor)
Vera Miles (actor)

Format: all-region dvd
Runtime: 1h35m
Quality: Excellent 4:3

Set in a small Florida Fishing town, Father Tom Wedloe makes his living as a pilot spotting fish in the sea for fisherman to catch for export. however, due to a bad season, Some local residents grow so desperate, they dare to hunt on the local nature reserve...Which is where 8-year old Mark Wedloe likes to visit, despite all the dangerous animals that live there. One day, He spots the town drunk and his 2 fishing buddies shoot a mother bear, killing her, and taking her helpless cub away. Throughout the movie, Mark sneaks scraps of food to the helpless cub, who is kept chained up in a shed, and befriends him, thus turning him into a gentle giant. ~ imdb.
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Gentle Giant [1967] [DVD]
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