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Fingers at the Window [1942] [DVD]

Lew Ayres (actor)
Laraine Day (actor)
Basil Rathbone (actor)

Format: all-region dvd (worldwide)
Runtime: 80 min
Quality: Excellent 4:3

Six people have been murdered with axes in Chicago and, in each case, the killer has been caught and found to be a raving lunatic. Oliver Duffy, an unemployed actor, sees a sinister figure following Edwina Brown and he escorts her safely home. Keeping a watch over her, he catches the sinister man who also turns out to be a lunatic carrying an axe. Duffy concludes that a master-mind is behind the killings, and when a newspaper offers a $25,000 reward, Duffy resolves to win it. High on the lists of his suspects is a stage musician Edwina once knew in Paris.
Fingers at the Window [1942] [DVD]
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Fingers at the Window
[1942] [DVD]
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