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Dangerous Mission [DVD] [1954]

Victor Mature (actor)
Piper Laurie (actor)
Format: all-region dvd (worldwide)
Runtime: 74 min
Quality: Very Good

Originally filmed in 3D, this is widely acknowledged as one of the worst films made during the great stereoscopic experiment of the early 1950s. Victor Mature gives one of his most convincing impressions of a cardboard cut-out as a New York lawman who treks into Montana's Glacier National Park to prevent hoodlum Vincent Price from rubbing out Piper Laurie, the runaway witness to a gangland shooting.

Directed by Louis King with little sense of adventure, the 3D set pieces that were supposed to wow audiences - an avalanche, a forest fire and a cable car episode - now look very flat indeed.

Crime thriller starring Victor Mature and Piper Laurie. A woman witnesses the murder of a New York mobster and flees. The search for the vital witness to the killing leads both the police and the suspect to the remote Glacier National Park.
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Dangerous Mission [1954] dvd
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