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Breakout [1959] [DVD]

Lee Patterson (actor)
Hazel Court (actor)

Format: all-region dvd (worldwide)
Runtime: 62 min
Quality: Digital, b/w, 4:3

"Breakout" (1959) is a neat and short Britnoir that shows all phases of a prison breakout done from the outside. We see planning, execution, getaway and aftermath. Lee Patterson is hired by William Lucas and Terence Alexander to devise and carry out a plan to spring investment fraudster John Paul from a medium-security prison. Awaiting Paul on the outside is Hazel Court, but she gets involved with bachelor Alexander. Patterson's second occupation keeps his wife Billie Whitelaw in the dark; she wants a TV and Patterson doesn't like debt, so this is his way of getting ready cash. The plan requires getting a man inside. Dermot Kelly is the one, achieving a 30-day sentence by starting a barroom brawl.
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Breakout [1959] [DVD]
Breakout [1959] [DVD]
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