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Attila [1954] [DVD]

Anthony Quinn (actor)
Sophia Loren (actor)

Format: all-region dvd
Runtime: 1h16m
Quality: Excellent 4:3

This is a spectacular Italian film, though full of historic inaccuracy and being well starred by Anthony Quinn as Attila. This ¨Attila¨(1953) by Pietro Francisci boasts itself a good cast with Anthony Quinn , Sofia Loren, Irena Papas, Ettore Manni and Henry Vidal as general Aecio. Epic and historical portrayal about Attila, including court intrigue, romance, treason, impressive battles and it is set during the waning days of Roman Empire, as the barbarian Huns are making their way toward Europe. ~ imdb.

This is the English dubbed (Joe Levine's American distribution print) version referenced in this wikipedia article.
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Attila [1954] [DVD]
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[1954] [DVD]
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