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A Prize of Gold [1959] [DVD]

Richard Widmark (actor)
Mai Zetterling (actor)
Format: all-region dvd (worldwide)
Runtime: 101 min
Quality: Digital

For reasons never satisfactorily explained, Mai Zetterling wants to take a number of orphaned children from their home in Germany to a new life in South America. Her lover, an American soldier played by Richard Widmark, agrees to help her and decides to steal a load of gold bullion which is being flown from Berlin to London.

A gang of dubious types is assembled and, predictably, the thieves fall out, one of them quite literally out of the airplane. It's part routine thriller, part soggy melodrama with a lot of winsome kiddies, and Richard Widmark plays a softie!
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A Prize of Gold DVD 1959
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