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The White Tower [1950] [DVD]

Glenn Ford (actor)
Alida Valli (actor)
Format: all-region dvd (worldwide)
Runtime: 98 min
Quality: Very Good, M4M logo.
This is the colour version from a TV broadcast.

A mountaineering drama with Glenn Ford joining a climb in the Swiss Alps. A lot of emotional baggage is carried along with the mountaineers: Ford falls for fellow climber Alida Valli, whose father was killed on the same peak; Lloyd Bridges is an arrogant former Nazi army officer; Cedric Hardwicke is an ageing British botanist; Claude Rains is a self-destructive French writer who is drunk most of the time; Oscar Homolka is the local Alpine guide and predictably neutral.

What we have is a political digest of postwar realignment; amazingly enough, the Russians are not represented. Ignore the predictability of the symbolism and the wooden performances, and enjoy the excellent location photography.
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The White Tower [1950] [DVD]
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