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Pimpernel Smith [1941] [DVD]

Cast: Leslie Howard (actor), Francis L. Sullivan (actor)
Format: all-region dvd (worldwide)
Runtime: 117 min
Quality: 4:3 Digital
Audio: English (no subtitles)

Wartime spy drama directed by and starring Leslie Howard. During the Second World War, a mild-mannered archaeologist's search for artefacts near the German-Swiss border forms the cover for a far more daring business - helping refugees from the Nazis escape the country.

The screen's greatest Scarlet Pimpernel, Leslie Howard, updates the character to Nazi-occupied Europe in this smashing piece of wartime propaganda. Howard also directs with style, and if the plot is preposterous - archaeologist Howard smuggles refugees out from under the very noses of the Gestapo and then goes back to Berlin to rescue a girl - the movie awakened the world, and particularly America, to Europe's plight.

With this film, and both The First of the Few and The Gentle Sex, it became clear that Howard was a potent propaganda weapon.
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Pimpernel Smith [1941] dvd
Pimpernel Smith (1941)
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