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The Squeeze DVD
The Squeeze DVD

The Squeeze [1977] [DVD] [All-region]

Synopsis: This early feature from director Michael Apted offers comedian Freddie Starr the chance to show that there's more to him than pratfalls and doubles entendres. He acquits himself surprisingly well as a small-time London crook, but the focus here falls firmly on Stacy Keach as the booze-sodden former cop whose ex-wife is kidnapped while he's drying out in an institution.

With Edward Fox, David Hemmings and Stephen Boyd giving the action more class than it deserves, this is an abrasive thriller. It's a touch creaky perhaps, but still disturbingly plausible.

Cast: Stacey Keech, Carol White, Freddie Starr
Runtime: Dvd, 102 min

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