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Last Moments DVD 1974
Last Moments (1974)

Last Moments [1974] [DVD] [All-region]

Lee J Cobb (actor) James Whitmore (actor)
format: all-region dvd | runtime: 90 min | quality: very good
Very good VHS to DVD transfer.

Synopsis: "Last Moments" is a traumatic story of Jimmy, a small boy forced to fend for himself in the colourful and often squalid world of showbusiness. With his mother gone. he bravely struggles to support his shattered father (James Whitmore). Barely feeding himself, he at last manages to achieve some small success with his own puppet show.

But weeks of tiredness and malnutrition weaken this small boy's body and soul, and he collapses. In a hospital bed his courageous little heart breaks , revealing the torment of a small, lonely boy desperate for the love of his lost mother, but has he the will to survive the final struggle?
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