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Heart of Darkness DVD

"Heart of Darkness" DVD
Suitable for UK, Europe, Australia and NZ

Heart of Darkness [1993] [DVD] [All-region]

Tim Roth (actor) John Malkovich (actor)
format: all-region dvd | runtime: 100 min | quality: digital

Synopsis: Making a faithful screen adaptation of Joseph Conrad's brooding novella about madness and greed, which formed the basis for Apocalypse Now was always going to be a bold step given that parallels would inevitably be drawn with Coppola's masterpiece. The story is certainly one familiar to film-goers, a man (Tim Roth) is sent up the Congo in a leaky steamboat to find the renegade Kurtz (John Malkovich in malevolent form), an ivory trader now mad prophet and self-acclaimed king.

The eccentric visual flair associated with the once mighty Nicolas Roeg made him the perfect choice for this straight-to-cable production shot on location in Belize, and he encourages exemplary performances from his two main leads. Overall though this never manages to rise much above the ordinary.
From the Warner Archive